General Fund Information

Builders & Contractors Workers’ Compensation Fund (B&C) is a self-insured group workers’ compensation fund for Minnesota-based contractors. A self-insured group fund allows businesses within the same industry to come together to self-insure their workers’ compensation as a group. The fund is comprised of members that are primarily in the construction industry. The fund is managed by a board of directors and works with an experienced third-party administrator, Mackinaw Administrators, LLC, to handle the fund services including Accounting & Record Retention, Claims Administration, Risk Control/Safety, Risk Analysis/Management, Actuarial, and general policy services.
The goal of the fund is to provide workers’ compensation insurance that is affordable with a strong emphasis on safety. When managed properly, the self-insured model often results in more efficient claims management, enhanced focus on safety cultures and services, and long-term stability.


Over the last several years the B&C fund has made many changes to its structure and operations to provide even more value for our membership. In addition to updating our by-laws and re-calibrating our pricing models to be competitive, there has been a large focus on marketing efforts in the last 12 months. A new sales and marketing associate was hired, a new logo was launched, and new marketing materials have been created. B&C is excited to share its new website, a resource that was not previously available.

Additional Details to Know about the Fund:

Members are jointly and severally liable for their proportionate share of obligations for the group and will be assessed on an individual and proportionate share basis for any deficit created by the group. Dividends are not guaranteed. If the net losses and expenses for anyone fund year (net of reinsurance recoveries) exceed the funding, the group can apply the surplus to cover the losses or assess each member on a pro-rata basis. If the net losses and expenses for anyone fund year are lower than the funding, the group can vote to issue a surplus distribution (aka dividend).

      • The fund is regulated by the Minnesota Department of Commerce (DOC) per MN Statute 79A
      • All members are required to provide reviewed level financials annually
      • The $2,000,000 Employers Liability limit in excess of the $500,000 WCRA retention is written by Markel Co. (NAIC #28932/AM Best Rated A)
      • The fund is Minnesota Only program and cannot offer an all-states endorsement
      • Minnesota Employees are covered under Minnesota benefits while temporarily traveling out of state
      • Annual audits are conducted for all members
      • A three-year commitment for new members joining the fund is required to avoid penalties, this helps protect the current
        members and provides a stable market for new members that join