Explore Premium Workers’ Compensation Solutions with Top-Tier Benefits for Insurance Agents:

Welcome to our dedicated platform for insurance agents, where we specialize in offering comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance solutions. Our Builders and Contractors Workers’ Compensation Fund is renowned for its exceptional offerings, including ultra-competitive commissions, lucrative renewals, and consistently competitive rates tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. 

Exceptional Agent Rewards and Benefits

  • Highly Competitive Commissions: As an insurance agent, you’ll benefit from our competitive commission structures, ensuring lucrative commissions for both new policies and renewals. 
  • Attractive Dividend Potential: Our policyholders have the potential to receive dividends annually, a testament to our strength in underwriting and our strong financial position.  
  • No Binding Agency Contracts: Enjoy the freedom to offer our products without the constraints of a mandatory agency contract. 
  • Exclusive Agent Sales Incentive: Capitalize on our special incentive program designed specifically for agents. 
  • Proven Track Record of Dividend Payments: Our history of paying back dividends in just a three-year period highlights our financial stability and commitment to our clients. 

Broad Coverage For Diverse Industries:

We cater to a wide range of industries, with a particular focus on mechanical contractors, roofers, electricians, manufacturers, and more. Our tailored solutions ensure that every business receives optimal workers’ compensation coverage regardless of its niche. 

Our Legacy: The Builders & Contractors Workers’ Compensation Fund (B&C):

Since its inception in 1996 by a group of visionary contractors, B&C has become a leading choice for contractor-focused workers’ compensation insurance. Our fund is designed to meet the unique requirements of the construction and mechanical sectors, offering: 

  • Customized Coverage for Minnesota Contractors and Manufacturers: Our industry-specific solutions are crafted to address the unique challenges faced by contractors and manufacturers in Minnesota, offering a viable alternative to standard market options. 
  • Investment in Insurance Programs and Safety Culture: We encourage contractors to invest in their safety culture, providing them with tools and resources to minimize risks and enhance workplace safety. 
  • Structural and Operational Enhancements: B&C has undergone significant changes to improve value for members, including by-law updates, pricing model adjustments, and maintaining a strong financial footing. 
  • Consistent Profitability and Surplus Premium Returns: Our financial strength translates into regular surplus premium returns to members and competitive commissions for agents. 

Comprehensive Agent Support and Resources

We believe in empowering our agents with all the necessary tools and resources to succeed. Our support includes: 

  • Summary of current members available upon request 
  • Election of Coverage Forms (Downloadable) 
  • Clear Submission Requirements 
  • Guidance on Issuing Certificates of Insurance 
  • Dividend summaries 
  • What to expect during a loss control visit 
  • Summary of loss control services 
  • Information on accessing MN OSHA safety grants 

For any queries or support, our team is readily available to assist you. Contact us to discuss your needs or to explore our workers’ compensation offerings in more detail. 

Helpful Agent Resources

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us right away to discuss further.