Experienced Claims Team

Our highly experienced claims team works in close collaboration with our fund members to assure injured workers are paid accurately, timely, and fairly. The aggressive medical management of losses supports our early return-to-work program agenda. And our industry-specific expertise allows us to identify and defend questionable claims when necessary. Our claims approach allows members greater control over their losses and claim costs.

Timely Claim Investigation

A study completed by the NCCI found that lag time reporting increases claim costs.  Loss costs for claims reported 1 to 3 weeks late were 28% higher, and 44% higher after one month than claims properly controlled with early reporting. We will initiate our investigation of losses quickly, and communicate with all involved parties within one to two business days of claim receipt.

Claims Questions

If you have any claim questions, concerns or if you would like an update or need additional information on our claim administrative services, please contact John Wiatros (Claims Manager)

Phone: 952-886-6216


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for filing a workers’ compensation claim with B and C Fund?

  • Notify Mackinaw Administrators as soon as possible.
  • Complete the First Report of Injury (FROI) form.
  • Submit the completed FROI form to:
  • In the event of fatality or catastrophic loss, immediately call Mackinaw for additional instruction.

How does B and C Fund’s experienced claims team assist in the event of an injury?

  • Staff makes 3-point contacts within specified timeframe.
  • Provide explanation of MN WC process and expectations.
  • Thorough investigation and documentation of the event facts.
  • Securing related medical records and bills from providers.
  • Timely payments to all parties.

What is the early return-to-work program and how does it benefit injured workers?

  • Employees who stay at work recover more quickly.
  • Loss of earnings is minimized.
  • Self-Esteem is raised / maintained.
  • Workplace social contact is maintained.
  • Jobsite rehabilitation reduces risk of re-injury and reduces disruption in daily routines.

What control do members have over their losses and claim costs?

  • Forward any medical documentation from the injured worker.
  • Provide return to work options within restrictions.
  • Include any witness statements and internal investigation documentation.
  • Provide wage statements for LT claims.
  • Notify adjuster of changes in injured worker’s work status.
  • Communicate any concerns or red-flags right away.

How can I get an update or additional information about a current claim?

  • Contact Claims Manager, John Wiatros or Claim Supervisor, Amy Erving
    • John’s Phone: 952-886-6216
    • John’s Email:
    • Amy’s Phone: 952-886-7742
    • Amy’s Email:

What should an employee do immediately after an injury occurs at the workplace?

  • Upon notice of an injury, possible injury, or occupational exposure, the employee should report it to their supervisor immediately.
    • Make sure the employee gets the proper medical attention, even if the injury appears to be minor or you are in doubt as to seriousness.
    • Secure Report of Workability at each appointment and deliver a copy of any medical documentation to the Employer right away.
    • Discuss light-duty job options with Employer if given restrictions.
    • Maintain clear communication with Employer and Mackinaw.

What are the key components of your accident investigation process?

  • Determine the cause and apply suitable corrective steps to prevent reoccurrence.
  • To collect information to make a timely decision on whether the claim is compensable and covered under the workers’ compensation statue.

Is there a penalty for late reporting?

  • Failure to make timely report of injury could result in a penalty assessed by the State of Minnesota
  • The penalty is ultimately payable by the Fund Member

What to do if the claim is questionable or suspicious

  • When a questionable or suspicious workers’ compensation claim occurs, attach a separate note to the First Report of Injury or Incident Report describing the factors that call the claim into question. Remember the original FROI is sent to the state workers’ compensation authority – be careful of comments on the first report.
  • Call claims staff to discuss sensitive matters.

What is the ‘First Report of Injury’ and how do I complete it?

  • The ‘First Report of Injury’ is a state mandated form that needs to be completed and submitted to the insurance company to start the claim process when an injury, possible injury, or occupational exposure occurs, while on the job.
  • Confirm injured worker’s contact information is current.
  • Include any specific dates for LT claims.