A:  Self-Insured group workers’ compensation allows businesses within the same industry to come together to self-insure their workers’ compensation as a group. The members are jointly and severally liable for the results of the group; this can result in more efficient claims management, enhanced focus on safety cultures and services and long-term rate stability.

A:  The minimum annual premium to join is $25,000.

A:  The Builders & Contractors Fund is open to all agents; an agency contract is not required to place members in the fund.



ACORD application

• 5 years currently valued loss runs, Ex-Mod history & final premiums (if available)

• Description of operations including current safety/loss control procedures

A:  An internal Ex-Mod is issued by the fund using the same software that MWCIA and NCCI use, resulting in the same Ex-Mod the member would have if they remained outside of the fund.

A:  The state can take up to 60 days to review and approve the application process for new members. As a result of this, we are willing to provide premium indications 90 days prior to the effective date.

A:  No, the fund is a Minnesota-only program and cannot offer an ‘All States Endorsement.’

A:  Minnesota employees are covered under Minnesota benefits while temporarily traveling out of state.

A:  The B&C Fund was established in 1996.

A:  The claim adjusters for the fund are based out of Minnesota and average over 20+ years of experience.

A:  Yes, risk management services are available to each member. These services include preventative training, safety videos, webinars, and online training & testing. In addition, each fund member is assigned a risk management team member who conducts on-site safety visits and works with the member to customize their safety plan as needed.

A: No, this fund does not require a deposit.