As a member of B&C you’ll have access to SafetySafety, a Revolutionary Risk Management Platform that allows you to keep up with industry trends while focusing on current safety issues within your industry. You will easily have access to Federal, State and other regulatory information along with resources to respond to loss control recommendations.

Our tailored programs and services are specifically designed for the construction trades, these services include:

  • Safety Brochures
  • Safety Talks & Meeting Topics
  • Solution Providers and Safety Resources
  • Live Streaming Safety Training
  • Safety Posters & Checklists
  • Industry News & Regulatory Updates
  • Customized Safety Plan & Program

Access our full library of previously recorded webinars. Simply click on a past session title and enter AmeriTrust2020 as the password.

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding
your Risk Management or Loss Control Services, please contact:

Gary L. Smith, MLIR, CRM, CSRM
Assistance Vice President
Director National Loss Control
Office: 810-844-8122
Cell: 248-296-4856
Email: Gsmith@mackadmin.com

On-Site Visits performed by our specialized Safety Team include:

  • Accident Investigation: Our expert team conducts thorough investigations of accidents on site, identifying causes and potential safety breaches to prevent future incidents.
  •  Annual Service: We provide a comprehensive review of your site’s safety procedures and protocols, ensuring continuous adherence to industry standards and regulations.
  •  Consultation: Our specialized safety consultants offer expert advice on risk management, helping you understand and mitigate potential hazards in your workplace.
  •  Follow-up Visits: After initial consultations or services, we conduct follow-up visits to ensure ongoing compliance and address any new safety concerns.
  •  Jobsite Review: We conduct detailed reviews of job sites, assess for safety compliance, and provide recommendations to enhance worker safety and reduce the risk of accidents.
  •  Loss Analysis Combined with Claims Review: Our team performs an in-depth analysis of past incidents and claims to identify trends and areas for safety improvement, reducing future risks and costs.
  •  Onsite Safety Training: We provide tailored safety training sessions on-site, equipping your staff with the knowledge and skills to maintain a safe working environment.
  •  Pre-Member Inspections: Before joining our program, we thoroughly inspect potential member sites to assess their safety standards and eligibility.
  •  Renewal Inspections: Regular renewal inspections are carried out to ensure continuous compliance with safety standards and to update any necessary risk management strategies.
  •  Safety Committee Meetings: We facilitate and participate in safety committee meetings, offering expert insights and guidance to support your internal safety governance.
  •  Safety Resource Development: Our team assists in developing and providing resources such as safety manuals, training modules, and best practice guides tailored to your industry needs.
  •  Worksite Review: A comprehensive review of your worksite is conducted to assess and enhance safety measures, ensuring a safe and compliant work environment.
  •  Miscellaneous Other On-Site Visits Accommodated as Needed: We offer flexibility in our services, accommodating various other on-site visits to address unique or unexpected safety concerns in your workplace.


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