Since the Builders & Contractors Workers’ Compensation Fund (B&C) was founded by
a group of contractors back in 1996, it remains a consistent and competitive contractor-focused
workers’ compensation option.


Our industry-specific fund allows us to tailor our services to the needs of contractors while
providing an option outside of the standard market for contractors that want to INVEST in
their insurance program and safety culture.


Over the past several years B&C has made many changes to its structure and operations in order
to provide even more value to our membership. In addition to updating our by-laws and re-calibrating
our pricing models to be competitive even in the current marketplace, the fund remains financially
strong and consistently profitable. This leads to a consistent return of excess surplus premium to
members and competitive commission structures on new and renewal business for our
agency partners.

Member Summary

Please contact Stacey Gohl for a list of members.

Election of Coverage Form


Submission Requirements:

To receive a premium quotation:

  • ACORD application
  • 5 years currently valued loss runs, Ex-Mod history & final premiums (if available)
  • Description of operations including current safety/loss control procedures
  • View the full submission requirements

How to Issue Certificate of Insurance

B&C Fund has an insurance policy through Markel Insurance Company that provides the Employers Liability coverage for the fund.


When issuing a certificate of insurance, please use the following details:

  • Employers Liability Carrier: Markel Insurance Company
  • Employers Liability Limit: $2,000,000
  • NAIC# 28932
  • AM Best Rating: “A” XV rated carrier
  • Desc. Of Op’s Section: Insured has their workers’ compensation coverage with the Builders and Contractors Workers’ Compensation Fund,
    which is a self-insured group formed under Minnesota section 79 (a). Employers’ liability for the fund is provided by Markel Insurance Company
    as per the details shown above.


If you have any questions or issues, please contact us right away to discuss further.